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Tbilisi - our plan-of-action!

Only for 4 days - from Thursday, 22 July to Sunday, 25 July - the famous building of Ministry of Roads & Highways of Georgia S.S.R. will be open to public! Check out our plan of action! And here is our plan of action:

Ministry of Roads & Highways - entrance from Gagarin St.

22 July, Thursday

17.00-18.00 Bushes: Urban Guerilla Gardening by Richard Raynolds
18.30-19.00 Autocenter Speaks Back – A cinematic performance by Ei Arakawa & Mari Mukai & Gela Patashuri & Sergei Tcherepnin
19.30-20.15 We Live Your Future Public – A Talk with the Architect Zurab Jalaghania, Kora Chakhava, George Chakhava (son), moderated by Vahram Aghasyan (in Russian with translation into English)
20.20-22.00 Retro-Futuro: Indonesian tales music set by Cumbogroup And a Roof Cocktail

23 July, Friday

16.00-20.30 Afternoon Talks Program (in English)
16.00-16.30 Jan Verwoert The three tasks of modernity.
16.40-17.10 Nana Kipiani “Give Me Future Today” (Vladimir Mayakovsky)
17.30-18.15 Outopias: The City of the Third Millennium. A Skype conversation between Yona Friedman and Eric Troussicot
18.15-Sum up discussion
18.40-19.10 Art from Architecture and Architecture from Art – Didier Fiúza Faustino’s and Mathieu Herbelin (Bureau des Mésarchitectures)
19.20-19.50 Georg Schöllhammer Africa? Transnational Projects and Collective Curatorial Practice
20.00-20.30 Reflections on a Post-Everything Context by Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri
20.30 Sum up Discussion
21.00 Fucking Good Art Going Up Going Down
21.30 Live set by: Accidental Lover Boyz

24 July, Saturday
Afternoon talks program: Ruins of our times / Case studies
16.00-16.30 Payam Sharifi / Slavs and Tatars KIDNAPPING MOUNTAINS (Part 2)
16.40-17.10 Alena Boika Progressive Nostalgia: between glamour and lace curtains
17.20-17.50 Ruben Arevshatyan Open-Air Hall of Cinema Moscow in Yerevan
18.10-18.40 William Hollister The Czech National Museum Headquarters: a brief history of the adopted use of a dated structure.
18.50-19.20 Nestan Tatarashvili – Lecture-Performance On Preservation of Architecture from Soviet Georgia
19.30-20.00 Niko Japaridze Dream West – Imagine Soviet / Imagine West – Dream Soviet
20.45 A Stein in the Wall – A Nighttime of Reading of Gertrude Stein’s poetry and prose by Melinda Braathen and Jan Verwoert
21.30 Flying Ministry – An Action by Agnieszka Kurant

25 July, Sunday
16:00-21:00 Last day of exhibition (no special events in premises of the Ministry)

For details on all program events, participating artists & other activities visit: http://ruinsofourtimes.wordpress.com/