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Cities Migration Policies - Report

We are happy to present final Report from the project 'Intersectoral Policies in the field of Migrant Integrtion' - now English version online! We are proud to present the report summarizing the project ”Local Intersectoral Policy for the Integration of Immigrants” (”Lokalne Międzysektorowe Polityki na rzecz Integracji Imigrantów”). The project very important for us – with many initiatives being carried out in Poland for the integration of migrants, it started the process of strengthening cooperation between the main locations where these activities are run and thus goes beyond the perspective of one city or one type of activity. By initiating the Forums – held in various places in Poland, gathering people from different sectors – we wanted to show the importance of cities/self-governments in shaping the situation of migrants in our country. We also strove to engage as many foreigners in the debate as possible.