The Transkaukazja Festival takes place every two years, in open and central urban spaces, as well as in the most important modern art galleries, cinemas, theatres and key cultural centers. The festival features a variety of interdisciplinary presentations through visual arts, film, music, dance, and events combining different art genres. Since 2004, Transkaukazja has brought a wide audience in direct contact with contemporary art created in one of the most culturally rich regions in the world.

The first Transkaukazja festival in Warsaw introduced visual art performances, Caucasian film screenings, cultural workshops, photography exhibitions, as well as the legendary Rose Revolution, the ethno-rock band Zumba from Georgia. The second Transkaukazja in 2005 added new elements and took place on the New Town Square in Warsaw, with the main stage and thematic tents showing music concerts, multimedia shows and even Caucasian cuisine.