About Us

We are Warsaw-based Nonprofit Organization established in 2006. We aim at opening unconventional spheres, merging various fields and disciplines (that usually do not work together) and bringing people together to generate real changes in different regions of the world.

There are three main areas of our activities:

International Cooperation for Human Rights, Civil Society and Development
From the beginning of Foundation's activities we carry out development projects in various corners of the world. We implemented various projects in Caucasus, Myanma, Ukraine and Tunisia. We run all of our projects with a direct involvement of local partners in every phase of planning: from the idea, through implementation, to evaluation. Our goal is a genuine cooperation, jointly conceived response to real needs of specific communities, rather then transmitting Polish experiences often inadequate to local conditions. For 4 years (2012-2015) we were the most active Polish institution in Myanma, recently we worked with our partners in Tunisia (creating media and activism platform: MTE), Ukraine (implementing complex program of participatory public space planning processes - Participatory Architecture) and in Georgia - running informal education program in Marneuli and first of all - supporting creating first participatory budgets in Caucasus. The model we implemented in Georgia (our leading role: 2015-2017, program is currently covering whole Georgia) is more progressive than similar programs in Western Europe (including up to 5-10% of local budget and consensensual method of projects selection) 

International Art Programs and Publishing Activity:
When creating the Transkaukazja or ArtZona we did not want to organize another Polish or Caucasian Days, based on simple exportation of art to other countries. We look for initiating collaboration between artists, for entirely new and extraordinary projects. We search for overcoming stereotypes, for introducing components of surprise and for encouraging spectators to participate actively in the events. We often carry out our projects in spaces that had never been associated with any kind of artistic interventions. By creating and running One Caucasus we proved that interdisciplinary art can bring the real change for local development, civic participation, education and work together beyond conflict lines.

Our books represent our interdisciplinary approach - for example they merge architecture, economy and contemporary art: Shadow Architecture, Ministry of Highways or education, protest and spaces of participations: Everyday Utopias

Multiculture and Migration Policies 
We can not imagine contemporary Warsaw without active and subjective participation of immigrants in its creation. Precisely for this reason we implemented our projects of multiculturalism and activating immigrants "with" foreigners, and not only "for" them. We run different programs such as: Continent Warsaw - Warsaw of Many Cultures (from 2006), we initiated and co-established such initiatiatives Sintar - Chechen education and culture center and Multicultural Center in Warsaw. We created and co-run the most multilingual and multicultural radio in Poland - IMI Radio (which was awarded international Intercultural Award of Austrian MFA in 2020). For creating and running 4 nationwide Forums for Local Migration Policies we received Golden Fans Award from International Migration Organization as a first NGO in Poland.

Fundacja Inna Przestrzeń/ The Other Space Foundation
ul. Nowy Świat 23/25 lok. 32
00-029 Warszawa
(entry from the courtyard, from Italia Passage, 4th floor)

tel.: +48 795 103 697 (also for Coordination Support Center 2022) 10:00-20:00 Monday to Saturday.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Skype: inna.przestrzen

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Co-create IMI Radio!

Do you have idea for your own radio show? You want to test yourself as a radio host? Or maybe you want to get involved in creating the most multilingual radio station in Poland...

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Ochota Project!

The pilot program of Volunteer Center of the University of Warsaw and the Other Space Foundation for students of Warsaw University. Take part in workshops and become change-maker of Ochota district!

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Programme of Transkaukazja 2017!

Great artists from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with excellent musicians from Poland and Senegal will present three international premieres! We present you programme of Transkaukazja 2017! 

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Transkaukazja 2017!

This year for the eighth time TRANSKAUKAZJA will bring to Warsaw the culture of the Caucasus. Once again, great artists will be presented in front of the Warsaw audience in a unique musical...

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