Projekt Birma

Projekt Birma is a programme implemented in Burma/ Myanmar by the Other Space Foundation in co-operation with Polish Burma Solidarity. The programme aims to support and mobilise grass-roots organisations from ethnic minorities in the establishment of the civil society. The programme was established in 2012. Between April and December 2012 two civic education projects were conducted in Shan state (see: Young Democracy project)  and Rakhine state (see: Transformation Leaders project). Both projects were funded with the support from the Programme “Support for Democracy” co-financed by the Polish Development Programme of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

In 2013, the programme was continued in Shan and Rakhine states. In 2014, we focused on a number of issues including access to justice for women, electoral education and sharing the experience of Polish transformation with Burma/Myanmar. In 2015, we continue to work with various regional groups, developing innovative approach to civic education, human rights and democratisation. Depending on local partner organisations, our main focus are issues such as electoral education and monitoring, computer animation for civic education, land-related issues, environmental conservation, women rights, indigenous rights (find out more about our activities in 2015 here).