One Caucasus

One Caucasus is an interdisciplinary festival and a long-term borderland program that first took a place in Georgia in 2014.  The event is located in a region called Marneuli, at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in a small village called Tserakvi. We chose Marneuli, because it is known for being a place where many ethnic and religious groups have been living in peace for many years.The Caucasus suffers from many conflicts, that’s why our aim is to create an inspirational & safe space for meetings of young people from the whole Caucasus region.

One Caucasus brings together musicians, artists, animators, architects, and volunteers from the Caucasus region & all around the world. Butthe most important thing: One Caucasus works with local communites,; together we create  educational programs for kids from Azerbaijani, Armenian & Georgian villages. In 2015, for the first time in the Caucasus history, we involved the citizens of the Marneuli region into a progressive democratic tool called Participatory Budget, With this tool citizens will have a direct impact on the budget of their local government.