One Caucasus 2015 PROGRAM!

Here you can find the framework of the One Caucasus Program. Please remember that the final list of activities will be created by our experts, artists, volunteers and participants.

One Caucasus is the international festival and long-term borderland program aimed at creating inspirational & safe space for meetings of young people from Caucasus.

Where: Tserakvi, Marneuli district, Kvemo-Kartli region, Georgia, Caucasus, Eurasia

1) One Caucasus Festival
27-29 August, Tserakvi
the festival and living space (camping field) are free of charge!

A) Main Stage
For the four festival days One Caucasus Main Stage will host new international music projects including:

  • MAMADOU DIOUF (Senegal/Poland) + THE MARNELI BAND (Georgia)
  • PAKO SARR (Senegal) + New Caucasus Project (Armenia/Azerbaijan/Georgia)

Check the bios & pictures of artists here


B) One Caucasus Town activities
In "Not Perfect Town of Our Dream" - The One Caucasus Town (that will be raised by the One Caucausus participants!) various interdisciplinary activities will take place including:

  • Open Citizen Council of Marneuli - the gathering of residents from whole region of Marneuli will decide on first participatory budget ever in Caucasus. Read more about the Participatory Budget of Marneuli.
  • Music zones - including workshop, jamming and meditation-through-music spaces - if you are musician or do sound experiments and want to join music program of One Caucasus write toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Human Rights Corner - with workshops on how to get involved in human rights non-political actions,
  • Informal Cinemas Zone - simple-designed, low-cost constructed, functional cinemas spaces will offer you unique opportunity to watch inspirational film programs and the results of the film and video workshops implemented during One Caucasus Volunteer Program.
  • Children Zone - will include a lot of interdisciplinary activities - including  architecture workshops and many more
  • ... and many more places and activities -- come to Tserakvi to check it out -- or - even better - to co-create the new places and the new initiatives with One Caucasus Team and local NGOs.

C) One Caucasus After-festival activities
30 August -
Marneuli Culture Center will organize the interdisciplinary event focused on literature and poetry @ Mikheil Javakhishvili Museum.

) One Caucasus International Volunteer Program
11-31 August
Unique International Volunteer Program (with more than 80 applicants from more than 15 countries) will be key important for creating the One Caucasus Town in Tserakvi and carry out series of workshops and initiatives with local communities of whole Marneuli region. The Program includes workshops and initiatives such as:

  • Planning One Caucasus Town - content-related and architecture workshops for programming and constructing One Caucasus Town - led by international team including architect  with participation of long-term volunteers and representatives of local communities.
  • Workshops cycles for local youth from Azerbaijani, Georgian and Armenian villages -including: Art of animation - series of workshops of animated movies for local youth of Marneuli led by Lude Reno (Martinique/ France), English-through-Fun series of workshops of English language for local children and youth led by Chemtai Yegon (Kenya) and many more,
  • Multilingual information and promotion activities - including creating One Caucasus Daily newspaper for the festival.

So wherever you are now -- join us in Tserakvi for One Caucasus.

  • get-on-the-bike to One Caucasus - practical tips on how to travel on bike through countries of Caucasus,
  • bring-your-own-tent or check the accommodation and transport options for Marneuli region(note: participants staying in Marneuli or coming from Red Bridge and Sadakhlo will be provided with free bus transport to / from Tserakvi on the festival days).

find more details:

Project is co-funded by Marneuli Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland