About Us

We are Polish non-profit NGO founded in 2006 as a continuation of activities realised by a group of social activists. Our mission is to support democracy, human rights, multiculture and tolerance. We aim at opening unconventional spheres of social life to cultural and artistic initiatives and social projects generating real changes in different regions of the world. There are four main areas of our actions:

International artistic festivals, events and actions:
When creating the Transkaukazja or ArtZone we did not want to organize another Polish or Caucasian Days, based on simple exportation of art to other countries. We look for initiating collaboration between artists, for entirely new and extraordinary projects. We search for overcoming stereotypes, for introducing components of surprise and for encouraging spectators to participate actively in the events. We often carry out our projects in spaces that had never been associated with any kind of artistic interventions.

Development cooperation:
From the beginning of Foundation's activities we carry out development projects in the Caucasus and in Ukraine. We run all of our projects with a direct involvement of local partners in every phase of planning: from the idea, through implementation, to evaluation. Our goal is a genuine cooperation, jointly conceived response to real needs of specific communities, rather then transmitting Polish experiences often inadequate to local conditions.

Human rights & democracy:

We carry on our struggle for respect for human rights focused mainly on situation in Tibet, China but also on Russia, Myanmar or North Africa. The common characteristic of our activities for human rights is involvement of ordinary people in their implementation. We are deeply convinced that everyone can contribute to gain higher levels of human rights observance, even in remote countries. Our Tibetan Programme based on voluntary work of Tibet experts and activists is closely working with The International Tibet Network. From 2011 we run also Springtime of the Peoples website that serves as information platform for democratic activists from North Africa, Middle East and Poland.

Multiculture in Warsaw
We can not imagine contemporary Warsaw without active and subjective participation of immigrants in its creation. Precisely for this reason we implement our projects of multiculturalism and activating immigrants "with" foreigners, and not only "for" them. We run different programs such as: Continent Warsaw - Warsaw of Many Cultures (from 2006), Sintar - Chechen education and culture center, we also work with other NGOs and institutions for establishment of real Multicultural Center in Warsaw.



Culture of Participation - Call for participants!

Co-create the change with practitioners from all around the world. Take part in Culture of Participation on 17-19 November!

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Projekt Birma - report 215

We are pleased to present our last report "Burma/Myanmar-road under construction", as a summary of our activities conducted together with local partners GRO, DEMO and WPNA in Burma/Myanmar in 2015.

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The Social Swimming Pool

Sound installations, performance, soundwalk & found structures workshops - join the final of Warsaw Transkaukazja on 16-19 December 2015 @ one of the most fascinating place in Warsaw: Inflancka...

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One Caucasus 2015 PROGRAM!

Here you can find the framework of the One Caucasus Program. Please remember that the final list of activities will be created by our experts, artists, volunteers and participants.

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